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A wedding to remember is what is celebrated as a festival with grandeur and zest. From baarat to mehendi to marriage ceremony, in many cultures, it takes place over two to three days. With friends and family coming from all parts of the country, it is a unique opportunity for us to catch up with our relations and reminisce over the times past. 

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Impromptu pranks with cousins, laughs with Uncles, answering hundreds of questions from every relative and bestowing makes these events something to look forward to, and in hindsight, memorable. 

Marriage is a significant part of any person’s life. In India, many spend more than twenty percent of their lifetime earnings on weddings. This proves how important it is to Indians. The bride and groom take a vow to support each other and promise to be with each other no matter what. 

Of late, the process of tying the knot in our country have changed for good. There are professional planners, decorators, candid photographers, and much more. But no matter what revolutions may happen in the future, Indian weddings at their core will never change: Making a partner for life and making as many memories as you can with them. 

Wedding Memories with Flam: a picture and a scanner to save the day

Many memories are stored in photo albums and video recordings. Photo albums are a great way to save the most important event of your life. But have you thought about Video albums instead of photo albums? This might sound absurd at first. 

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But, do not worry, all your wedding wishes have been answered. We, at Flam, have unique offerings for you to celebrate and remember your wedding day. It can also be used as a gift to the lucky couple; a celebration in the name of wedding wishes. Our products include Video Books, and Flam Cards.

Video Books are specially designed for Indian marriages. With our Video Books, you can store more than 20 videos in it. All you have to do is upload the videos on our website and add an address. We will deliver your Video Book within a week of your wedding. Scan the pictures in it with your phone to see them on the go-live.  Read more at

Can’t attend the event? We have you covered. With Flam, you can send a personal video message to the lovely couple. You can also use our FlamCards to post a picture of you wishing them a happy married life.

Celebrate the most significant milestone in your life with Flam! Speaking of, check out to see how can preserve precious moments with your little one forever.

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