| November 22, 2022

Types of Avatars in the Metaverse

Different types of Avatars and the extensions of ourselves in the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality’ and ‘Metaverse’ have become words that need no introduction. In virtual reality, you get 360 degree freedom on setting up your identity just the way you want it.

But of course, in virtual world, you can’t be physical you. Instead, a virtual individual entity of your choice will be present there to socialise, interact, play and more. That virtual entity is an avatar and it will represent your identity in the world of virtual reality. In this article, we’ll shed some light on the different types of avatars and which is the best one for you.

By end of this article you’ll be well aware about:

  • Different kind of avatars (and what kind of avatar is a best fit for you)
  • How to show your identity and characteristics through avatars

We’ll try to find answers of these questions as well:

  • Can avatars show behavioural facial expressions?
  • With avatars, how do you be who you wanna be?

Types of Avatars:

  1. Animal Avatars
  2. Cartoon Avatars
  3. Celebrity Avatars
  4. Evil Avatars
  5. Real Face Avatars
  6. Idiosyncratic Avatars

Animal Avatars


As the name suggests, these avatars are represented in the form of an animal. You have complete freedom to choose the type of animal for your avatar.

This type of avatar is amongst the popular ones and for a lot of people, it carries a meaning. With animal avatars they can show their characteristics like strength, grace, loyalty, transcendence, independence, cunning nature or anything else.

Generally, animals are also related with mythological characters and stories where animals had their magical powers, positions and significance which make animal avatars more relatable and meaningful for people.

Cartoon Avatars



Cartoon and Anime characters rule our minds right from our childhood and these characters have been doing the same for generations. So, it was very obvious when users would have the freedom of becoming whatever they want to be, they would like to get the avatars of their favourite cartoon characters whom they admired ever since their childhood.

Cartoon and Anime avatar types are very famous among teens and young adults. The popularity of Anime across the world has made this type of avatar an even bigger favourite than what it would have been if it was just the cartoons.


Celebrity Avatars



Celebrity avatars are the kind of avatars that people generally use in trends and what it represents totally depends on the celebrity real life and characteristics. It could be comedy, sensuality, corruption, intelligence, power, corruption or anything else.

Mostly, celebrity avatars are used for short time depending on the trends and not for people to show their own characteristics.


Evil Avatars



Darth Vader, Joker, Freddy Kruger. Remember these characters?

Now you know, where I’m going. Many people liked these characters and who would miss the opportunity to get those avatars and play some negative role in virtual reality, right?

Like the celebrity avatars, people don’t use evil avatars as their main or permanent avatar, but it’s a good choice for fun and for some specific spaces. Evil avatars are amongst the popular ones and its popularity rises in specific time frames. Like for example, when the whole world celebrates Halloween, there’s a whole bunch of these evil avatars going around.


Real Face Avatars



Yes. This is it. This is the avatar type you were waiting for from the beginning of this article.

Real face avatars, as the name suggests, are the avatars that have the closest resemblance to humans with their humanly face, movement and behaviour.

A major chunk of the people prefer the hyper-real human avatar and some are even fine with a simple human avatar. The major benefits of these avatars are that people can think of them as a mirror or an experimental space where they can try hairstyles, clothes, fashion accessories etc. that would help them define their real life style too. They also use this avatar to depict a specific characteristic or their current mood .

Most people use this kind of avatar as their primary or permanent avatar with different face and trendy fashion and accessories.


Idiosyncratic Avatars


This kind of avatars are more like badges than avatars. Every specific avatar will be associated with a person and only 1 of a kind avatar is allowed to exist. People make these avatars more creatively and it holds integrity.

Generally people don’t replicate idiosyncratic avatars because it acts as an identity for someone.



With a multitude of options to express yourself in the Metaverse, avatars take it up a notch with the creative expression they exhibit. Be it showcasing a feeling, mood or just styling it up, you can let your imagination run wild and break boundaries in self expression!

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