| November 18, 2022

The Metaverse is Here! Be a Part of It

The Metaverse is here. Period.

The talk of Metaverse being the next greatest thing to come into our lives is almost outdated. It’s already here and it’s booming. When I say booming, I mean $22.79 billion market value in 2021 booming. Added to that, it is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.8% during 2022-2030.

The existence of Metaverse, or a ‘3D Internet’, takes the level of possibility and immersivity to a whole new level.

This factor, among many others, has become the biggest upper hand against everything that preceded it, namely, Web2 or 2D Internet.

The content consumption process had to happen from a screen of some sort which was fine but now, with the Metaverse in place, feels so disconnected. The nature of the Metaverse is such that it allows creators or consumers like you and me a shared sense of immersivity.

Be it a multiplayer game, a social hangout or just content consumption, the immersive experience of the Metaverse is something that transcends mediums.

With what we have seen so far with the early stages of the Metaverse, the social facet has been the most prevalent across various platforms. Chat rooms, games, shopping, attending concerts etc. have been welcomed by audiences because it made it possible to have shared experiences of anything.

The Travis Scott show with an audience of 27.7 million people attending live is just one of the many examples.

To me, all of this suggests that we, as consumers and audiences, are ready to take it forward. The creators and developers have been doing their part in helping the Metaverse evolve and what they have achieved so far is nothing in short of a miracle.

But when it comes to a large scale adoption and evolution of any platform, nobody does it better than the audience. Coming back to the point of ‘taking things forward’, one way of accelerating the process would be the content democratisation in the platform.

What is content democratisation?

In simple terms, it allows the audience to be a part of the creation process and helps them create content that they love. The story of Facebook is an epitome of how the audience, when they can involve themselves in a platform, can help a platform grow beyond measure.

If you look at the numbers, it is nothing short of astonishing and it would not have been possible if it was just the creators being available on the platform.

All of the major social media platforms that are considered the ‘greatest’ in their functioning categories have revolutionised it for everyone that came after.

Facebook upgraded the seamless connectivity, Instagram made selfies and filters a household thing, TikTok simplified the process of video creation without the editing hassle; you get what I mean.

So, where does the Metaverse fit into all of this and who is going to spearhead this?

Taking into account ‘content democratisation’, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, it has to be simple for the audience to understand and even if there’s a learning curve, it needs to be a very small one.

Secondly, the content creation process has to be simple. Taking the Metaverse into account, you can’t expect the mass audience to create avatars, build worlds etc. from scratch.

There have to be systems in place to handle and simplify all of that for the audience. And lastly, it needs to be placed into the right hands (at least initially) to get the snowball rolling.

When it comes to 3D content creation, ‘Flam’ is amongst the premier platforms who has been working on this. Our Social Metaverse App is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get into or try 3D Content Creation.

The app allows you to create your own 3D Avatar with ease, thanks to their in-built avatar creation system. The actual content creation process is also a lot simpler than what we would normally expect.

All you need to do is capture a video of yourself (dancing, acting or anything) and then the app’s Motion Capture feature automatically replicates your moves and you can see your avatar performing them, in seconds! Added to that, you can also choose backgrounds, from real spaces to complete 3D scenarios, add music and all of the other usual stuff you do on social media sites and then boom! – Your 3D content is ready, right on your phone.

The immersive experience of a Flam (that’s what they’re called) is totally next level and even more so, when you view it on Oculus Headsets. The avatar, scene and everything actually comes to life!

Flam is amongst the many platforms who have been doing their thing on the Metaverse. There are a lot of players who have entered the game in a multitude of fields and there’s no better time than now in being a creator or a consumer or a consumer who creates in the Metaverse (and don’t forget the 🤑🤑🤑).


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