| July 23, 2020

Relive Your Birthday Celebration With Flam Cards!

Birthday celebrations are a very special occasion for many reasons. It is the day you started your life. It is also essential that we remember and celebrate this day as we look back on our journey on this planet so far.

Our accomplishments, Failures, Friends, Love, Fights and most importantly, memories make us who we are.

Looking forward to it is something everyone does (even though some pretend not to!).

These birthday celebrations are the best days to bond with your family and friends. It is also a cheat day for many as we are given a free pass to do anything, and our relations will be extra nice to us.

It makes for great photo albums and video libraries, not to mention great memories that we remember for a long time.

In a country with a festival every month, this day holds a special place in our hearts. Be it the first birthday of your child or that of your brother or sister, there is always room for cake, a few laughs, and lots of memories. The best part about memories is how you share them with your friends and loved ones.

A True Birthday Celebration with Flam Cards:

We at Flam, will help you and see to it that you never run of memories or phone memory to share on your day. We have an assorted variety of gifts with cutting-edge AR technology that helps you store your memories in the form of videos on a book! We offer a photo album with a slight twist – the photos come to life!

Our products include Video Cards, Video Books and Flam cards that help you to store or send a video message or memory on paper or in a book.


Flam Cards are standalone items you can use. All you have to do is upload a video memory onto our site and add a receiver address. We will then print a picture with a  thumbnail of the video and send it. When your friend or loved one receives the thoughtful birthday card, they just have to scan the thumbnail, and the video starts playing on their phones!

Can’t go to their party or want to wish your friend a surprising gift or share the video of cake-cutting? Our Video Cards can be used for almost any memory you want to share or preserve. Send it as a birthday card and watch the emotion come to life!  Read more at https://blog.flamapp.com/2020/07/22/celebrate-your-friendship-with-flam/ to see the other times you can spoil your loved ones on a special day.

If those are not enough to satisfy the videographer in you, we have Video Books, at your service! Using our Video Books, you can share more than 20 video memories in a book!

If you want to be minimalistic, we have FlamCards as well! Check them out on our website https://www.flamapp.com/


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