| July 22, 2020

This 2021, Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with FlamCard

Raksha Bandhan is coming up! Are you looking for the perfect gift? Look no further!

Sibling bonds are the most precious, yet are taken for granted the most. You learn to hate, and then love them, all while creating such vivid memories to look back on. Especially when they rat you out to your mother when you forget to clean your room. Or maybe when they say they’re sorry later by helping you steal the last laddoo in the fridge. It is a beautiful relationship with lots of pushing and pulling until both of you can find the perfect balance and rely on each other as you grow older.

It is always much more interesting when there is an age difference, isn’t it? The older sibling is the perfect bully, while the younger sibling learns how to be conniving and take revenge. It is always a fun game of Tom and Jerry at home until someone takes it too far. But of course, all is fair in love and war.

But like all other familial sentiments, this bond is overlooked. It is forgotten to be treasured, to be appreciated. For all the shenanigans that your parents are burdened to witness between you two, it would be nice to stop bickering for once and at least pretend to appreciate each other for a day; and maybe then the both of you will have a short heartfelt conversation about having each other’s 6s and then go back to insulting each other!

This auspicious day comes in the form of Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrated on the last day of August according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. It ceremoniously witnesses the sister trying a rakhi around their brother’s wrist to protect them from evil, while she is given gifts or sweets in return. A silent promise is made by the brother to protect the sister at all costs – isn’t that sweet?

Over time, the ceremony has gotten exponentially more glamourous. Siblings now give each other expensive yet well-meaning gifts, all while trying to pick out the best rakhi and clothes to wear.

Of course, in a world where everything is accessible with a touch of a button, finding a well-meaning gift to out-do your sibling in a secret game of ‘Whose Raksha Bandhan gifts are better?’ is easier said than done. The technological advancements we see every day are no joke. From the latest phone to an apple watch. the range is infinite.

This begs the question, what is the best gift for Raksha Bandhan that holds true sentiment but is still computationally the best thing you’ve ever seen?

Don’t worry! We at Flam have got you covered! Check out Flam to see how our technological magic can touch anyone’s heart!

At Flam, you can choose from a wide range of gifts like VCards, PhostCards, or ViBos. They can be great Raksha Bandhan greeting cards, especially during the lockdown; you can share memorable videos with your sibling on a postcard. You have the ability to use our cards in any way you want!

You just have to upload a memory; we will send a postcard to the address you want it delivered to. You only have to scan the card, and you can see the photo come to life! If you’re going to share loads of memories with her, you can use our Video Books with which you can send more than 20 memories! What better way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your loved ones and Flam!

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Over? Cherish them through FlamCards!

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