| December 26, 2022

Famous Quora Questions About The Metaverse: Part 1

Here is our take on some most famous questions asked on Quora around ‘Metaverse’.

How can one earn money by using Metaverse?

Making money on the Metaverse is not as mythical as it used to sound. As of late, it has become more and more accessible for people to find opportunities that fit their interests. Since the Metaverse is still growing, so are the number of opportunities. What you need to do is select an option of work that fits your skill set, interest and financial capability and then get started!

Here are 3 relatively easy options to ponder over:

  1. Play-To-Earn Games: Yes, there are games that reward you as you play. The game winners get awarded in crypto currency tokens which can later be spent as you wish. Sounds interesting? Try these → Farmers World, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Splinterlands and Illuviam.
  2. Metaverse Tour Guide: There’s so much to explore in the Metaverse and people need someone to show them around. You can make money by helping people explore the Metaverse and visit tourist attractions by being a tour guide.
  3. Metaverse Influencer: Being an influencer in today’s day and age can become immensely valuable as you can choose your work variables. You get paid to create content that you love and also entertain and educate your audience.


How does Metaverse work?

When it comes to implementing a Metaverse, there are a variety of different approaches but mostly, all of them rely on a healthy combinations of artificial intelligence technologies with advanced computer graphics and networking.

In the Metaverse, users can create and customise their avatars, the digital representation of themselves. These avatars can be used to interact with other users and with virtual objects and environments in the Metaverse.


How can one get involved with the Metaverse?

To enter the Metaverse, you need to use a computer, smartphone, tablet or other device that has a display and some form of input such as keyboard, mouse or a touch screen. For a more immersive experience, you can opt to use virtual reality headsets or haptic devices with specialised softwares.

Do you agree that we need a Metaverse?

This question is a classic example of “One man’s food, another man’s poison”. The question is very subjective and depends on a person’s interests, perspectives and priorities. The Metaverse is the next step in the world of socially connected technology and there it has its own positives and negatives. Let’s take a loot at a few of them:


  • A Metaverse would give the people to connect, work, play and more in a completely virtual space.
  • It is a huge step in regard to the creatives. It can be a new ground for self-expression where users can create their avatars, virtual environments and various types of digital content.
  • The metaverse could serve as a platform for new forms of entertainment and education, offering immersive experiences that are not possible in the physical world.


  • Some people just don’t prefer it. Just like how people now choose to use physical keypad phones instead of smart phones.
  • People are skeptical about the privacy and security measures in the Metaverse. Since there is a lot of scope for anonymity, they feel it could be use to manipulate or exploit users.
  • The Metaverse is also being looked at as an escape from the real world. This is really detrimental for people who try and avoid real-world issues instead of addressing and solving them.

There can be many pros and cons added to this list but it all depends on how you, as a user or creator, want to be a part of the Metaverse.


Is Facebook changing its name to Metaverse? Why Metaverse?

Firstly, Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta. Not Metaverse.

In a 2021 interview with The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO – Meta stated “We wanted to have a new brand identity that, as you reported is directionally aligned with the future vision that we’re working towards. People think of us as a social media company, but the way we think about ourselves is that we’re a technology company that builds technology to help people connect with each other”.

They’re taking the next big step in their brand development and their thought of aligning themselves with the Metaverse is one of the reasons they rebranded to Meta.


What are the best Metaverse-based Crypto coins?

This is important to understand that, there is no Metaverse-based crypto coins. Now understand, every environment in the metaverse is being created or will be created by different organisations. Like our real world, different environments prefer to accept different currencies, in most cases crypto currency.

There are some crypto currencies, which are being used in some specific metaverse spaces or environments. Most of those types of coins are created by that environment creator organisation itself.

So according to us, it is early to address any crypto currency as metaverse-based crypto coin or currency. In the future, when we’ll we able to experience cross-spaces metaverse, then we may have some metaverse only or based crypto but as of now, it will not be proper to address any crypto coins as metaverse based.


What do you think about Metaverse?

Actually we love this question and there are 2 specific reasons for that:

  • Because the Metaverse is not universally defined, formulating the question in this way is the correct way to approach the issue.
  • Second reason is that, we’ve experienced many times, this is not the actual question. Sometimes, people ask this to debate on the Metaverse and the core concept of it, and sometimes they would like to demean the other person by proving that the other person has even lesser knowledge on the Metaverse. Believe me, we love the both and ready to discuss as well.

So, for me, there are more than one opinions on this question. According to me,

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. Currently, this is being done by some cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Graphics. In the evolution of the Metaverse, there will be the existence of other essential technologies too like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and other decentralised technologies.

If there is still confusion, then I would like to clarify, to access Metaverse you don’t necessarily need a VR headset. You can use your computer or mobile devices as well to access Metaverse but sometimes, it depends on platform-to-platform as well.


How will the Metaverse impact our day-to-day lives?

Currently, it is very hard to say how Metaverse will impact our day-to-day lives. It will depend on how widely these technologies are adopted and how they are used. In general terms, I can say that anything which is hard or very expensive to teach and train, performing that in the Metaverse can be very useful. For eg. medical and surgical training  would be much easier and accessible to train and practice, of course it will take a lot of improvement for the tech to be hyper-realistically accurate. There are a lot of use cases, where training is very important and expensive practice, Metaverse could be a game changer in these kind of technologies.

But currently from the various marketing stunts and my understanding, some potential impacts include:

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration: The metaverse could allow people to communicate and work together in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location. This could make it easier for people to connect with each other and collaborate on projects, potentially leading to increased productivity and creativity.
  • Virtual tourism and entertainment: The metaverse could provide a platform for virtual tourism, allowing people to visit and explore virtual recreations of real-world places or entirely fictional environments. It could also provide a platform for virtual entertainment experiences, such as concerts, sporting events, and other performances.
  • Virtual commerce: The metaverse could provide a platform for virtual commerce, allowing people to buy and sell virtual goods and services. This could potentially lead to the development of new types of businesses and economic opportunities.
  • Changes to social interactions: The metaverse could change the way we interact with each other, potentially leading to new forms of social interaction and the evolution of social norms. It could also lead to changes in how we perceive and value physical presence and relationships.

But, finally I would like to say to answer the question, “how metaverse will impact our day-to-day life” depends on people-to-people. Everyone will find the use case of Metaverse on their own and as per their profession and personal choice.


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