| December 6, 2022

How to Create your 3D Avatar in Flam

Full body 3D Avatars have become the next big medium of creative self-expression but there’s still a lot of confusion around the creation

With the Metaverse now alive and kicking, avatars have become the extensions of our real selves in the Metaverse. They express our moods, styles, tastes and us as a whole. It’s with these avatars that people interact, work, play and exist in the Metaverse.

Generally, creating a 3D avatar is hard. Most of us do not know the technical know-how of creating and designing things in 3D and not all of us have laptops or computers that can handle the graphical computing of 3D renders. So, the solution? Flam!

Flam allows you to create 3D avatars in minutes, directly from your Phone! With intuitive navigation and easy selection, creating an avatar is now as easy as shopping online!

Here’s how you can create your 3D Avatar on Flam:

  • Download the Flam App from the App Store or Play Store (Our waiting list is already open, join now!)
  • After you give permission for the Notifications, you can start with your Avatar creation
  • There are 5 preset avatars that you can choose from or you can create your own Avatar

When it comes to creating your own avatar, there is a wide variety of customisation that you can do to really make it your own. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start off by choosing your body type
  • Click a photo of your face or choose a photo from your Camera Roll or Gallery
  • In terms of avatar customisation, you can customise:
    • Face
      • Skin tone
      • Facial shape
      • Eyes
      • Eyebrows
      • Nose
      • Lips
      • Facial Hair
    • Hairstyles
    • Clothing
    • Facial Accessories (Glasses, Caps/Hats, etc.)
    • Make-up, Face Paint and Facial Tattoos
    • Masks (for Upper and Lower parts of the Face)
    • Head Gear Accessories

You can select and customise from a wide variety of options for your avatar and once you’re ready, you can now have an extension of yourself in the Metaverse! Along with creating avatars on Flam, you can also create immersive 3D content on Flam and take your self expression beyond limits!

Download the App and be a part of the Metaverse today!



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