| March 17, 2022

How Is Flam Reinventing Social Media?

If you are looking to experience an enticing virtual world that looks like a fantasy movie, you’ll be happy to know that the Flam app and other tech giants are working on smart technologies such as augmented reality to move us closer to a new virtual world. 

With an increase in engagement in social media during the pandemic, a surge in the development of augmented technology, we can expect advances in AR. 

What is augmented reality? 

Augmented reality is an advanced version of the real physical world that is created with digital elements such as virtual vision, sound, and other sensory stimuli provided by technology. In context with social media, it is a tool to create social engagement. It presents unique content with advanced technological features. As today’s audience is techno-savvy, a virtual presentation of the real world will excite them. 

One such platform that is enhancing the user experience through AR is the Flam App. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

What is Flam App? 

Flam App is an AR-driven platform that uses FlamCards to create social engagement on the platform. FlamCards are talking portraits of people which can exhibit the entire story of people. These cards are scannable photographs that provide an AR experience to the users. People can experience the AR-driven videos embedded in the FlamCards along with exciting 3D effects. Overall, it takes photo experience at the next level that provides insights into the photo story when scanned by the Flam app. It’s just like a working and talking photograph similar to the Harry Potter newspaper. 

Flamapp features

The app contains several features that excite the user to check out the app. This includes;

• Allow revisiting the video – The FlamCards allow users to check out their videos or revisit them anytime. This gives a personalized touch as the user can refresh his or her memories and live in that moment again without any time constraints. 

• Multiple devices supporting – The Flamapp can be used on any electronic device such as a computer, laptop or mobile phone. It supports working on any of these gadgets. The app is made keeping in mind the convenience of the user so he can use the app anytime and anywhere. 

• Printed videos and photos- People won’t find this feature in any social media app. The platform allows the user to print his photos and videos that will look real. He can request any video or photo to surprise his near and dear ones. 

• Customized touch- The app allows the user to customize one’s FlamCard or the picture the way one wants. A user can add certain elements to make it look more beautiful and personalized. 

How does the app work? 

The app works in three easy steps. 

• Select the picture- The user needs to select a picture or upload a video on the app, choose the 3D effects they want. It will be converted into a FlamCard and will be delivered to the user’s doorstep in a short span. 

• Scan FlamCard- Once the FlamCard is delivered, all the user needs to do is point the camera at the card to see the embedded video come alive. 

• Enjoy live video experience- With FlamCards, individuals can revive or refresh the fun moments. They can also gift these cards to their loved ones and fascinate them. These FlamCards ensure the safety and security of the users’ memories. 

How is Flam disrupting conventional social media? 

Flamapp is an AR-driven technology platform that provides an interactive 3D projection (FlamCard) to increase community engagement. With the help of this technology, it is allowing people to make meaningful connections by sharing everlasting memories. The Flamapp is getting popular among social media lovers due to the following factors; 

    • The app can bring life to the users’ updates with an AR camera interface and 3D filters via FlamCard scanning

    • Flamapp allows users to create multiple FlamCards at a time if a single video or photo isn’t enough for them

    • With FlamCards, the user can enjoy a 3D immersive experience in the real world

Is AR the future of social media? 

AR is creating new immersive experiences for social media users which helps transform the physical space of the user by 3D effects when viewed through camera interfaces. This feature is especially helping e-commerce brands in terms of promoting their products and services in a unique manner and engaging with customers. Some examples include, 

• AR virtual stores- Customers can purchase products on social media but AR can provide a much better shopping experience. With this, people don’t have to visit the actual store and they can try any product they want before buying. 

• AR live events- This technology can allow people to attend any event in their comfort zone. They don’t need to waste time traveling to the event destination, unlike conventional social gatherings. 

• AR videos- The technology can help brands to make real and interesting videos to engage with customers. 


AR is an integral part of social media. It is getting popular among people through platforms like the Flam app. The app encourages people to use its AR features and allows them to create their own AR experiences through FlamCards.


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