| July 23, 2020

Cooking Fever with Flam | Cooked, and Baked with Love

Cooking Fever is now a term used to describe the mania in the kitchen that ensues when everyone is sick of staying locked up at home. Cooking itself is a passion for many and a job for even more Indians. Nowadays, with many food-delivery services, home cooking is thought to be losing its charm. But, at the end of the day, any one of us would prefer homemade food over takeaway. At home, we are in control of the ingredients and oils. We can also cut down on preservatives, sugars and unhealthy fats that can cause health complications in the long run.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are resorting to homemade dishes. We have taken it up as a hobby to new recipes and experiment with a few dishes we already know. This lockdown has given an excellent opportunity to bring out the chef in you and make the kitchen your lab and become a mad scientist. A true cooking fever!


Be it cooking or baking, being in the kitchen at home also has social benefits. It improves your mood, and you feel a sense of accomplishment after eating a nicely cooked meal. With your loved ones, it is a proven stress reliever and brings us closer to the distant world we live in. You can also host shows and competitions and share your recipes with each other.

This art is not a natural skill to learn, let alone, master. But once you start enjoying the time you spend in the kitchen; you’ll find it challenging to come out of it. And even when you are away, you will always be thinking of new ways to experiment.

If you are a YouTube superstar or a novice chef just starting out, you know that a great recipe could happen anytime and sometimes, by accident. You need to be vigilant to record a recipe on the go to save it for the future or share it with your followers.

A way to one’s heart is food, so flame the fires of your cooking fever with Flam!

Our offerings powered with AR technology helps you to do just that. We have Video Cards and Video Books that help you save your recipe on paper!

With Flam Cards, you can now save more than 20 food recipes. You can either send it to your followers or keep it for yourself and continue your experiments in finding that elusive secret recipe you were looking for. Check out https://www.flamapp.com/ for more!

You can upload the videos of your cooking and select the delivery address. We will do the rest and send you a Video Book of photos. Scan them with your phone and the video start playing!

Did you finally get to a recipe you wanted to and make a record of it? FlamCards is the best way to save or share a video! Take a look at our other blog, to look at other moments where using our Video Cards is a fantastic idea.

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