| March 26, 2022

Check 4 Benefits of Using AR in Business

Advancements in the field of information technology have set the pace for heightened user experience through reality technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. From being used as a model designing tool for aircraft, who would have thought augmented reality apps would become massively popular among the masses in just a few decades.

The immersive experience provided by augmented reality (AR) has been a much sought after technology for quite some time, and now users are moving past that thanks to the ever-changing moods of the masses and technological progress. Well, to tell you what, this is definitely good news for businesses investing in AR technology, especially in the post-Covid era when they are not able to afford in-person interactions but still want to engage a larger crowd of potential customers virtually.

As a business person, now you should be asking the question if investing in AR technology is worth it in terms of investment of money, resources, and time. So here’s me telling you the benefits of using Augmented Reality for business which might give an answer to this question. Read ahead to learn how augmented reality benefits a businessman interested in investing in this world-changing technology.

Benefits of using AR in business

There are four major tangible benefits of using augmented reality technology to deliver the best measurable results. These benefits are sort of a compilation of tried-and-true results from brands leveraging augmented reality technology to their advantage. So you can definitely understand the fact that even though an AR headset or app might augment our reality, this list of advantages has proven fruitful in real life.

1. Unique and immersive user experience

The most significant benefit of using Augmented Reality is that it generates an unparalleled digital experience that creates a perfect blend of the physical and the digital worlds. In addition to that, AR doesn’t need any specific hardware or software to enjoy the combined experience- mainstream mobile applications are adequate enough to make AR work on smartphones. In fact, the most recent advancements have made it possible to enjoy AR through web browsers.

2. Elevates engagement of users

When Augmented Reality started gaining impetus in its earlier days, it was largely labelled as a technology for gaming and entertainment. However, it has expanded its horizons into other use cases and has rendered solid business profits and other related gains such as elevated user engagement.

In most of recent business history, the top priority has been given to user engagement by most business leaders which avails them of several other benefits that come along with user engagement.

If you ask how AR can be integrated into the business for increasing user engagement, well there are countless ways to do so- from scannable product labels, interactive ads, and catalogue, to store signage. The novelty of this technology topped with its immersive experience and ability to deliver information in a precise manner makes it engaging to its users.

3. Eliminating cognitive overload

Have you ever tried fixing a broken electronic gadget or a device? If you have, you would definitely know that it is not a good idea. Support manuals and documents mostly prove to be useless for amateur users trying to make sense of the intricate designs of a device, especially when trying to repair something novel in terms of model or technology. And in the process of doing so, it only leads to frustration.

This is something referred to as cognitive overload which occurs when a lot of information is to be processed which can otherwise be handled comfortably but can often lead to such a feeling of frustration when you are unable to handle it.

Now you must be wondering how Augmented Reality can help in such a scenario. The answer is simple. Augmented Reality presents Information in the form of neatly summarised digital snippets. This method of providing precise information spares the users a lot of trouble of having to arrive at a conclusion. This technology may sound a bit futuristic but a lot of brands have already implemented it.

4. Differentiating a brand in the competitive market

To stand out in a worldwide market where competing brands are providing homogeneous products within the same price bracket, it is important for brands to differentiate themselves. For the longest time, brands have come up with creative ways to become recognisable in a sea of similar companies marketing the same type of products. But now is the time to up their game by integrating Augmented Reality to help position themselves differently in the crowd.

Summing up

In the time to come, Augmented Reality marketing will be immensely popular and so will the trend to experiment and explore the blended world of Augmented Reality. Although, one thing is for certain AR will be around for a long time. Businesses can definitely make the best of the situation and savour the benefits of AR while at the same time, engaging a larger audience in the process of differentiating themselves in front of the market. After all, Augmented Reality is the only technology that allows for a sweet blend of physical reality and digital reality.

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