| February 22, 2023

5 Apps that simplified AR Content Creation for Social Media

“90% of the digital content that exists today was created in just the last two years” – MerlinOne, 2018.

In today’s day and age, finding a person without a smartphone can be a herculean task. Among smartphone users, it is next to impossible to find someone who has not consumed digital content. Reels have become addictive, TikTok has become a habit, YouTube is the new TV, and there are more apps than ever where people say, “just one more minute, please!”

The democratisation of content creation brought in by Facebook during its early days has seen a massive acceleration due to technological advancement in recent years. More people have phones now than ever, which has helped break the barrier to entry into content creation. They create content for a multitude of reasons and even upload a lot of them to social media. The improved smartphones of today and the ease of access to social media and creation have given digital content the audience penetration it has.

While this ‘regular’ form of content is booming, early adopters have already started looking elsewhere. There are a lot of creators and consumers who have been fascinated with the use of Augmented Reality in their daily content fuel. AR content creation and consumption have increased as more and more companies have begun to invest in this being the future.

Content creation with Augmented Reality differs from the regular 2D content people are used to creating. In AR creation, there are 3D elements and assets that are augmented in the real world, and people have been creating content alongside them. Be it 3D avatars, animals, objects or things, people have been allowing their creativity to take over even more when creating content!

Augmented Reality, 3D, Avatars etc., may be words that might go over most people’s heads. But to make AR content creation and consumption accessible, some apps have streamlined and simplified the process so people can create AR content right on their phones!

Here’s a list of apps you can download and create AR content today:

1. Flam

Flam is at the forefront of AR creation in India, with its app spearheading the movement towards implementing Augmented Reality for social media. The Flam App allows you to create your 3D Avatar with the choice of stylised or photo-realistic avatar, and once your preferred avatar is ready, you can create using the Augmented Reality tech in the app to create 3D AR content right from your phone in real-time!

You can dance, act or do anything with your 3D avatar in your space and then upload the video to social media that stand apart from the traditional!

2. Sensorium

The next app on the list is Sensorium which allows you to create AR content with one of your selected avatars. For starters, you can assign your created avatar a personality from the list of personalities and chat with him/her. The avatar will replies are based on the personality you choose. You can also make the avatar dance in AR or a 3D environment with a personal mix of the preset moves on the app.

3. Meteora

Meteora’s AR creation also has similar features, as in you can create your avatar and perform dances with your avatar. The app also has Motion Capture, which allows you to record your moves and makes your avatar perform the same moves.

Other than that, the features are geared towards user engagement rather than creating AR content. Things like Fashion Battle and Feed are present to make the user keep returning to the app.

4. Zepeto

Fourth on this list is Zepeto, a social metaverse app that allows you to hang out in their virtual space with other users. Along with features like cartoon-styled avatar creation, there is a templated content creation format that users can use along with their AR mode.

There is little that you can do on the AR front on the app as it is a more 3D environment focused app, but users can get a taste of AR content creation with this app.

5. Jadu AR

Jadu AR is an invite-only app (at the time of writing this article) focused on more AR experience with their 3D avatars. The type of activities on the app, like avatar PvP fighting, tend to cater to individual preferences rather than actual ‘content creation’. You can still create niche and nuanced content on the app for your social media, but it could be a little tricky.

As people are still getting used to 3D and AR content, there is a slight chance of people not opening up to various types of avatars as the main focus of the content. They might call it ‘another tech gimmick’, unaware of the labour it took to create it. Flam would be a safe choice in this delicate situation as only Flam from the list allows the creation of Photo-Realistic avatars. The audience would at least have a sense of familiarity with this new form of content.

Download the apps and try and experience AR today!


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