Description of different types of avatars

Types of Metaverse Avatars

With Animal Avatars users can show their characteristics like strength, grace, loyalty, transcendence, independence, cunning nature or anything else.

Animal Avatars

The popularity of Anime across the world has made this type of avatar an even bigger favourite than what it would have been if it was just the cartoons.

Cartoon Avatars

Celebrity avatars are the kind of avatars that people generally use in trends and what it represents totally depends on the celebrity life &  characteristics.

Celebrity Avatars

Many people liked these characters and who would miss the opportunity to get those avatars and play some negative role in virtual reality, right?

Evil Avatars

As the name suggests, are the avatars that have the closest resemblance to humans with their humanly face, movement and behaviour.

Real Face Avatars

This kind of avatars are more like badges than avatars. Every specific avatar will be associated with a person and only 1 of a kind avatar is allowed.

Idiosyncratic Avatars

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